campbell river minor softball

by jackie trash

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recorded from summer 2013 to winter 2014 sporadically in vic

thanks 2 all my friends sam, kai, alexander, brennon + everyone who goes 2 the ratshack

special thanx 2 sam for making me want to release this in the first place


released June 2, 2014

recorded with sm57 on tape and macbook

all instruments played by linus except glockenspiel by oliver h on 'pizza ghost' and drums by sam wells on 'skate priest'



all rights reserved


jackie trash

fuck it

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Track Name: flesh
when i went in your skull
i saw your thoughts
i saw them all as passers by
all of them vegetables
my body lies over earth
my body lies over sea
when i went in your skull
they were all vegetables to me
Track Name: skate priest
i don't have fun with you
you don't go out anyway
i was crying
over you

'we're just bored you know'
Track Name: kiss neck
went to the show last night
and i feel that way sometimes
i don't know
what isn't a joke
it went up in smoke
as it does

and i don't know what's real or not
what's a joke or not
and it's too loud to hear you talk

i really don't
and though i don't like him

and i threw your phone against the wall
and i told him to never call
and i don't care at all
Track Name: stitch my bones
stitch my bones with glitter glue
you have lots of time
it's raining too
caring breeds a lot of suffering
rosemary kennedy is vomiting

it was not something in my blood
that led me to the icy woods
it was a deep glare
growing and grinning in all people
i felt it in my blood
a deep rumbling sound
like airplanes singing sounds from the mud
and ringing in my ears

i'm a drone pilot to my own life
cottonmouth and drooling
i'm wasting all your time
in weird institutions
you'll find other arms
spawned from a kiddie pool
to cause you harm

I know I am because
and oftentimes
I wish
I was