One Thousand Years In A Dreamscape

by jackie trash

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released February 3, 2014



all rights reserved


jackie trash

fuck it

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Track Name: Worthless Skeleton
In your basement now
see me lying down
i'm doing things
i swore i'd never do
Track Name: Blanket Fort
Lying on the floor
In your car
Thought I saw your ghost
When I went outside
Thought I heard your voice
But I can't go outside
But i'll try

Walking back through the woods
I saw a vision of you
Guess you don't want me to
Destroy little bits of my flesh
Saying nothing
Your ghost might hear
Far as i'm concerned
It's always near
Track Name: Lying On Yr Floor
It used to be
The most beautiful thing
Was a mattress on the floor
And now that i'm old
It's the flickering light
That tells me that your ghost is here
Why else would I see it each night
For in my dreams i'm playing
Through holograms of you
But I can't hear what you're saying

But if they found my body
Lying on the floor
They'd know just who you are
Lying in the spectrum
of some great big cosmic nothing
They found you too
Stood in the front of the clinic all night
I didn't go in I couldn't face it
I knew my blood was dirty then
Nothing I could do
To erase it
I'm lying on the floor
don't need my body anymore

But I have waited for eternity
Perhaps eternity was never meant for me

I hate the way that it goes

Round and round and round and round and
Round and round and round and round and
Round and round and round and round and
Round and round and round and round and

Oh, how I have seen them all
Come and go
It really means nothing you know

All us waiting in this lonesome winter snow
Track Name: Pretty Boy
Walking home you're shadowed by two
Construction worker drones
No matter where you go
Shadows follow you home

You're so pretty, so pretty, so pretty, you pretty boy
You're so pretty, so pretty, so pretty, you pretty boy

Feeling nothing, drunk blissed out dreamer
You'll let me down
In the graveyard destroying little bits of your flesh somehow
Hiding all your secrets in clinic walls
No matter where you go they'll ask you
Why are you dressed, Why are you dressed,

Like a girl

So pretty, so pretty, so pretty, you pretty boy
You're so pretty, so pretty, so pretty, you pretty boy

He felt it in his flesh
He felt it in his
Track Name: Swingset
Bought a locket with no heart
No i've never been very smart
Seeing you fills me with loving dread
I stare at the back of your head

Talk about you on the beach
Adding more yellow to my teeth

Swing set I love your deathly glare
I love your empty smirking stare
It lets me know there's nothing there at all

I think about you oddly
Use you to patch holes in memory
Hanging out for a day
Doesn't replicate warmth in anyway

It's far away
It's not far away at all

I can feel myself crawl out of the hole
It feels great but doesn't feel real it's still small

Wasting time hanging out in the summer
You know that you don't
Have to bring me down with you
Two sick tadpoles chase each other down a gutter
Hope you know that in my dreams I still love you
In your basement 'til my mouth tastes like rubber
You make me want to live inside my dreams it's true

I knew there was still good
I knew it the moment I saw you
Track Name: Bones
You're putting on my clothes
Like a gate that wants to be

To keep the beauty in
Look at me then look away
as if we've never spent a day
looking at each other
as we talk to other

In my head I saw your ribs
But now they've gone and hid

Lying on your floor
Said that you don't want
My advice anymore

And we've never even shared warmth
But we almost did
And when your mouth made that sound
I put my bones back in the ground